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Cooperative Parenting - Associates for Psychotherapy

719-564-9039 · 924 Indiana Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81004 · Map

Teaches divorcing or divorced parents negotiation skills, how to keep children out of the middle of their problems, and how to establish a loving and supportive relationship with their children.…


Nurturing Parenting - Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo

719-586-8634 · 429 West 10th Street Suite 101, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

Family-Centered Parenting course to build positive parent-child relationships. Parents and children attend together and receive free meals and childcare. Class options include: -Nurturing Parenting for families with children 0-12 yrs of age -Nurturing Fathers -Parents and Teens -Teen Parents -Nurturing Teens -Co-Parenting for parents undergoing divorce or legal…


Parenting Classes - Bright Future Foundation

970-949-7097 · 1060 W BEAVER CREEK BLVD, AVON, CO, 81620 · Map

This 3 hour class focuses on parenting through divorce, and is offered 2 times a month. Curriculum Goals: - Develop healthy, positive communication skills - Develop healthy dispute resolution skills - Increase ability to engage in collaborative parenting strategies - Increase…


Post-Divorce Parenting Classes - YWCA of Boulder County

303-443-0419 · 2222 14th St, Boulder, CO, 80302 · Map

Provides the 'Co-Parenting for Life' Class, approved by the 20th Judicial District. The Co-Parenting Seminar is a 3-hour class and a parenting book is included. …

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