Mental Health & Crisis Services

Resources to address mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence and other crisis situations.


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Elder Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic Violence Hotline

Domestic Violence Shelter

Domestic Violence Support Group

Domestic violence

Legal Assistance

Victim's Assistance


Emergency Services/Law Enforcement


State Patrol


Mental Health

24 Hour Hotlines

Mental Health Assessment/Evaluation 

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Crisis

Psychiatric Services



Sexual Assault/Abuse

Sexual Assault Counseling

Sexual Assault Hotline

Sexual Assault

Victim's Assistance


Substance Abuse

Detox Programs

DUI Treatment Programs

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Outpatient Substance abuse Treatment

Residential Treatment Programs

Sober Living Programs

Substance Abuse Evaluation

12 Step Support Groups




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